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Real-Time Project Tracking for Pavement Contractors

Crack the Code, Keep Clients in the Know: AK Dash Work Orders Demystify Projects
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With every pavement job you take on, it’s easy to know the overall plan — but the nitty-gritty? Seeing how each crack is sealed, and each curb is laid — especially across multiple crews and jobs — you may as well be trying to eyeball progress through a window made of blacktop. You know it's happening, but the details? Fuggedaboutit.

And for your clients? It's a total mystery what's going on with their project. That lack of visibility doesn't exactly inspire confidence, does it?


From Crack to Curb, See It All Happen: Real-Time Tracking for Pavement Contractors

That's where AK Dash Work Orders come in. We rip away the confusion and give you real-time project tracking for every work order. Imagine having a hawk eye on every crack filled, every curb poured, across all your jobs and crews. No more squinting through the blacktop dust. 

You'll see exactly what's going on, keep your crews on track, and most importantly, your clients happy. Happy clients who see progress updates with photos and notes? That means less hand-holding, fewer headaches, and a smoother path to that final payment. See it done, like a boss.

Impress Them Before Price Becomes a Discussion

No more eyeballing cracks and hoping for the best — AK Dash’s exclusive Pavement Assessment feature instantly sets you apart and shows you’re serious about the pavement industry. 

By assessing their pavement and giving it a PASER scale rating, you build a solid relationship before even discussing a sale. This “free gift” gets your foot in the door and shows the real value you bring as their Pavement Asset Manager, making you the go-to asphalt expert in town.

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  • Finally Get Organized and Maximize Revenue Potential
  • $100k-$200k Average Revenue 1st Year.
  • 1,000+ Clients Have Successfully Started Their Own Asphalt Business

Work Orders: The Nuts and Bolts of Job Tracking

Tired of lost notes and finger-pointing? AK Dash’s Work Order Tool keeps everything organized and transparent from the first shovel to the final smooth finish.

Before & After Pics

The proof is in the pudding — document the job from start to finish with before pics that capture the initial state and after pics that showcase your crew's awesome work. This transparency builds trust and keeps clients happy. You watch: your clients will turn into massive pavement nerds as they see how things work!

Material & Labor Tracked Tight

No more guessing about materials or wondering about labor hours. AK Dash Work Orders track it all, so you can stay on top of costs and keep your projects profitable.

Always Know What's Up

The project status is right there — scheduled, moving along, weather delay (can’t control the weather, Mr. Customer), or completed. No more guessing games for you, your crew, or your client — they'll always be in the loop.

Crew Chatter Keeps Everyone on the Same Page

Crews and subs can add comments directly to the job for context and updates. This transparency keeps everyone informed, avoids confusion, and gives the client a peek behind the curtain. Just tell your crew (especially you, Steve) to be on their best behavior, the client can see these comments!

Bonus! Give Your Clients a VIP Pass

With AK Dash’s Customer Portal, your clients get their own special access to see real-time progress updates, before-and-after photos, and comments about special pavement conditions or other notes. It's like giving them a front-row seat to see their project come to life, fostering trust, and keeping them informed every step of the way. Having the records in the portal you provide creates glue between you and your clients too.

I used to stress about tracking all the details. Now, Work Orders show me everything without me needing to go to the job site. My clients love having the records, too!
Carlos R

Happy Clients, Repeat Business: AK Dash Work Orders — Your Pathway to Long-Term Success

While our Work Order Tool is a game-changer for keeping everybody in the loop and organized, AK Dash’s wider system is so much more — from driving customers, to driving projects, to driving finances, AK Dash gives you a clear revenue roadmap to success. Sign up now for free and discover how you can build a legacy your family will be proud of — you can do it, and we can help.


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