From Zero to Hero:
How to Win New Clients with Free Pavement Assessments

Show clients you’re the expert they need, earn trust, and stand out with the only industry-specific tool on the market.

Look, starting your own asphalt business ain't easy. You've got the skills, the muscle, and the hustle — but convincing potential clients you're the real deal? That's a tough fight. Getting wins over established companies can feel like mountains to climb when you're just starting out.

So how do you convince clients to choose you over the old dogs? Earning trust is the key.

AK Dash Levels the Playing Field with Free Pavement Assessments

Forget confusing contracting platforms. AK Dash is built by and for asphalt guys like you. Our exclusive Pavement Assessment tool is your secret weapon to prove you're serious and knowledgeable, even if your company isn't a household name yet. It's like having a toolbox full of experience, even if you're fresh on the scene.


Impress Them Before Price Becomes a Discussion

No more eyeballing cracks and hoping for the best — AK Dash’s exclusive Pavement Assessment feature instantly sets you apart and shows you’re serious about the pavement industry. 

By assessing their pavement and giving it a PASER scale rating, you build a solid relationship before even discussing a sale. This “free gift” gets your foot in the door and shows the real value you bring as their Pavement Asset Manager, making you the go-to asphalt expert in town.

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  • Unlike those generic platforms, AK Dash is 100% dedicated to asphalt and pavement.
  • $100k-$200k Average Revenue 1st Year.
  • AK Dash’s Pavement Assessment feature is 100% exclusive to smart bosses like you who use AK Dash.

What is a PASER Pavement Assessment?

A pavement assessment is like giving a thorough check-up to a property’s pavement. You’ll rate it using the PASER scale — a system from the brainiacs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

During the assessment, you’ll point out any urgent repairs and maintenance needs. Think of it as a health report for the black stuff — telling your clients exactly what their pavement needs and proving you’ve got the goods to be their go-to guy. 

You can read more in our article How to Conduct Pavement Assessment.

I did a pavement assessment, showed the client the issues, and landed a big contract. I couldn't believe it.
Mike Turner

Build Trust and Credibility

Show your clients you’re not a JACKOFF (Just Another Contractor Knocking Out Fast Fixes). By providing a detailed pavement assessment, you prove you’re an expert who genuinely cares about their property. It’s like showing up with a toolbox instead of just a shovel — you’re ready for anything.

Professional Edge

Using the PASER scale, you offer a standardized, professional assessment. This isn’t some backyard guesswork — it’s a legit, researched method from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Your clients will see you know your stuff — because you do.

Proactive Maintenance

AK Dash turns you into the client's asphalt champion. Our system stores all their vital property data, giving them a clear picture of how their pavement is performing. This means smarter budgeting for emergencies and being able to revisit photos in their handy customer portal. Basically, you'll be locked in as their one-stop shop for healthy pavement, keeping them happy and your business thriving.

Annual Check-ins

Set up regular touchpoints with your clients by offering annual pavement assessments. This keeps you on their radar and shows you’re committed to the long haul. It’s all about building long-term relationships — as strong as the one you have with the local BBQ joint (you promised only once a week).

Exclusive Feature

AK Dash’s Pavement Assessment tool is something the other guys don’t have. We've worked with thousands of businesses just like yours — we know what makes you stand out when you're pitching profitable commercial work. if John Rambo himself was an asphalter, you’d still have a bigger gun in AK Dash.

From Weekend Warrior to Enterprise Contractor

How Does AK Dash’s Pavement Assessment Feature Work?

Getting started with AK Dash’s Pavement Assessment tool is as easy as filling out a fishing licence. Once you’ve taken some photos of the client’s property, here’s how it works:

  • Create a Customer and Property:
    a. Kick things off by adding your customer’s details into your AK Dash account.
  • Begin the Assessment:
    a. Head over to the Pavement Assessment tool in AK Dash.
    b. Select the property you’re checking out and enter the basic project details.
  • Highlight Areas of Concern:
    a. Use the map feature to mark any trouble spots.
    b. Add services like patching or sealing, and if you want, include the costs.
  • Apply the PASER Rating: Rate the pavement using the PASER scale to show its condition.
  • Add Photos
    a. Add your pics of the pavement to back up your findings.
  • Generate the Report:
    a. Customize the conclusion, terms, and any extra notes.
    b. Preview and download the final assessment report to share with your client.
  • Convert to Proposal:
    a. When your client is ready, convert the assessment into a detailed proposal with one click.

We’ve worked hard to make sure this is a super simple, step-by-step process — and yet, you’ll probably want to trade in your coveralls for some scrubs, because your clients will think you’re a blacktop surgeon.

In fact, come to think about it, your wife may now refer to you as Dr. Asphalt.

Get Your Foot in the Door, Build Trust, and Turn Your Business Dreams Into Reality

While our customer portal feature is a goldmine for building trust and getting new clients, AK Dash’s wider system is so much more — from driving customers, to driving projects, to driving finances, AK Dash gives you a clear revenue roadmap to success. Sign up now for free and discover how you can build a legacy your family will be proud of — you can do it, and we can help.


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