Don't Let Costs Sink Your Business:
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Even the hardest-working contractors go under if they understand their costs. There’s a saying — “Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is king”, and that’s especially true for asphalt businesses. That’s where AK Dash’s Job Cost Calculator comes in: make sure that every cost is accounted for.

Our job costers are designed to be user-friendly, and available on every proposal and pavement assessment you write. Whether you want to put in rough costs or poke down to the penny, we’ve made it easy for you to manage your costs.

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Alex Lucic

Here’s How It Works

  • Quick & Easy Estimates: Need a ballpark figure fast? Throw in rough costs directly from your proposals or assessments.
  • Detailed Scope Breakdown: Want to get down to the nitty-gritty? Click for an advanced breakdown, seeing costs for materials, labor, subs, and equipment.
  • Gross Profit Insight: Revenue is great, but profit is what keeps you paving paths to success. Get a snapshot of your gross profit percentage from the main table, or dive into the edit screen for detailed percentages and dollar amounts.

From Saving Costs to Legacy Building

Unlock Your Potential with AK Dash

TWhile our Job Cost Calculator makes it easy to keep you right side up and profitable, AK Dash does so much more. From driving customers, to driving projects, to driving finances, AK Dash is your all-in-one roadmap towards reaching your true potential.

Sign up now for free and see how you can streamline your operations and build a legacy your family will be proud of — you can do it, and we can help.


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