Simplify Your Invoicing and Supercharge Your Contracting Cash Flow

Did you know nearly 50% of US businesses using accounting software choose QuickBooks? If you're one of them, you’ve got a massive head start. AK Dash integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online, letting you invoice directly and manage your finances as easily as painting that final line on a parking lot. 

That means less time buried in numbers and more time doing what you love — whether that's hanging out with the kids or catching the game. And that’s what we’re here for right?

Effortless Invoicing

With our QuickBooks Integration, send customer contact information, line items, and dates straight from AK Dash. No more tedious data entry. Just quick, accurate invoicing that saves you time and sanity. Let’s save the copy-pasting for your kid’s homework, not your business.

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Integrating QuickBooks with AK Dash saved me hours every week. Now I can invoice clients directly and focus on reaching my goals
Alex L

Advanced Financial Insights for the King Boss

Subscribed to our top tiers like the captain of industry that you are? You’re about to hit the jackpot. Import your data from QuickBooks and use our powerful cash flow forecasting to see exactly how different scenarios will play out and how small shifts can make a big difference in your cash flow and profitability.

From Streamlined Invoicing to Legacy Building: Unlock Your Potential with AK Dash

While our QuickBooks integration makes invoicing a breeze and keeps your finances in check, AK Dash does so much more. From capturing leads to managing projects, AK Dash is your all-in-one roadmap towards reaching your true potential. Sign up for free and see how you can streamline your operations and build a legacy your family will be proud of — you can do it, and we can help.


Keep Exploring Ways to Drive Finances with AK Dash

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