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Trusted contractor lead generation tools for steady growth and lasting success.

The hardest part of starting on the path towards financial success through pavement maintenance contracting is getting — and keeping track of — good leads. If you can't generate and track good leads, you're missing out on that crucial growth that leads to long-term financial stability. Without solid leads, growth stalls, and opportunities slip away faster than a greased pig going hell-bent for leather.

Through helping thousands of hardworking people start their own asphalt businesses, we've developed a contractor lead generation tool that makes it simple to catch, track, and turn those leads into real jobs. It’s hard work, but with the right tools, you’ll be working hard and smart, leaving the fear for the other guy.

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  • $100k-$200k Average Revenue 1st Year
  • Convert More Leads into Paying Customers
  • 1,000+ Clients Have Successfully Started Their Own Asphalt Business

Customizable Lead Forms

Tailor your lead forms to capture the right info every time. With our expert guidance, ensure every lead counts and drives your business forward. Think of it as customizing your favorite wrench to fit just right — because every job's got its quirks.

Automated Email Notifications

Stay on top of things with instant lead alerts. You'll get notified right away when a new lead comes in, so you can jump on it and never miss a chance. It’s basically like having an office admin who doesn’t complain about the coffee.

Effortless Website Integration

Get your forms up on partner sites without a hitch. Our easy setup means you can start gathering contracting leads fast — no tech headaches needed. Even your buddy who swears by his flip phone could handle it.

Lead Source Tracking

Know where your best, most profitable contracting leads are coming from. Our contractor lead tracking software shows you what's working, so you can put your energy into where it’s a three-point shot every time.

Detailed Conversion Reporting

See which sources are bringing in business with our clear reports. Make smart decisions and get the best bang for your buck, backed by our proven know-how. This one’s all about finding out which pigs bring the biggest bacon.

From Weekend Warrior to Enterprise Contractor

Your Path to Success Starts Here

The first bricks you lay are always the heaviest, and getting leads is the first biggest barrier when you're starting a contracting business. Whether you're a weekend warrior or an enterprise contractor, AK Dash's contractor lead tracking tool will help you smash that obstacle and grow with you every step of the way.

Achieve financial independence, be your own boss, and make your family proud. With steady work and the right tools, you're well on your way to building a future full of success and freedom.


Dream Big, Work Smart, and Achieve Greatness

  • Weekend Warrior: Turn your side hustle into a thriving contracting business.
  • Growing Contractor: Capture more leads and keep your contracting business growing.
  • Enterprise Contractor: Keep track of all your leads and never miss a chance to grow.

With AK Dash, your success story begins here. Capture the right leads and build a lasting legacy your family and community will be proud of.

I had zero experience in sales and marketing or asphalt when I started
Alex Lucic

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